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Local Authority Consultancy

HPP is well placed to assist Local Authorities, as our professionals have detailed knowledge of both the Development Control System and Development Plan Process. With a public sector background, our team has an in-depth understanding of the workings and pressures placed upon Local Planning Authorities. Our staff have considerable experience in dealing with a wide range of planning matters and a proven track record in undertaking, and managing a wide range of tasks.

Our work includes:

  • Sustainability Appraisals
  • Drafting Local Plan Policies
  • Urban Capacity Studies
  • Local Plan Inquiry Work
  • Public Consultations Preparation of Supplementary Planning Guidance
  • Development Briefs
  • Housing and Employment Land Surveys
  • Public Open Space Surveys
  • Housing and Employment Land Surveys
  • Master Planning
  • Research and Survey Work

Contact: Mark Chadwick and Guy Wakefield

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